Will House Calls Work in My Area?

Let’s Break This Down!

This question comes up often because of a variety of pre-conceived notions and perceptions. Some may suggest that house calls are only for the wealthy and may only work in a large metropolitan area. On the opposite side, others may think house calls harken back to days gone by and are too “small town” for a big city.
So in this article, I’ll debunk some myths and show you what you should really focus on in deciding if a house call business is right for you, no matter where you live.
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It’s VALUE, Not Locale

When you have something that someone else truly wants and needs, location is irrelevant. Bringing a premium service and care right to someone’s front door is an incredible value. The key to finding true value in a person’s life is to offer them a service that no one else can.
It’s about standing out from the crowd, showing them you are different, and letting them experience why different is better. Plus, you can maximize on this value by highlighting house calls in every aspect of your marketing.
Rather than use the same messaging, brochures, and websites that are designed for a traditional business, tailor what you are saying and offering as it specifically relates to you and the house call model.


It’s FOCUS, Not Finances

The next natural question is, “If I’m going to be charging more for house calls, am I limiting myself in terms of the types of clients I can attract to my business?” Not at all.
House calls will not limit your access to only certain types of clients who are able to afford this level of service. They will actually create quite the opposite effect.
Here’s why:
When you focus on your favorite clients, the ones you do your BEST work with, instead of casting a wide net, you will understand WHY they will happily pay for your premium services. Regardless of income level, it all comes down to how well they see the value and how well you convey it, not the price attached to the service.
Personally, I’ve had anyone from single moms to blue collar workers to young professionals gladly pay the fees that I charge because of what house calls offer for them.
When you create exclusivity around who you work with, your marketing is focused, your expenses are lower, your activities are focused, and your processes are streamlined. Plus, you end up with an all-star roster of clients that you LOVE…and that’s a good look ANYWHERE!

It’s EFFICIENCY, Not Over Extending

Some health and wellness professionals fear; “won’t I just be driving around all day?”
When traveling to clients, having an efficient scheduling system is key so you can spend more time providing your services and less time commuting.
The answer is a smart process to cluster-book house call clients. Having minimal down time in-between appointments will help maximize how many clients can be seen in a given day. The unique element of house calls is simply that. Going to the home. So, with cluster booking, it’s not just about the time of the appointment, it’s about the location.
Determine what blocks of time you will dedicate to what neighborhood/location and schedule your clients based on these blocks to minimize commute time.

It’s CONVENIENCE, Not Convention

House calls are a 180-degree turn from every typical experience. You are offering a massive convenience by bringing your service on-site, which means your clients don’t have to deal with traffic, sit in a waiting room, or struggle with family and life scheduling conflicts and transportation.
Providing service in a client’s home or office creates a unique opportunity to integrate more care and build stronger rapport. There is a natural level of comfort and an increased ability for clients to ask you questions and show you how they live, work, and engage in their environment. Not only can you observe their daily activities, but you can also change them, right in their own home.

It’s SYSTEMS, Not Speculation

Building a successful house call business takes a keen awareness in how to have business and marketing systems that are unique for this model. Rather than fall into speculation on “if” it can work, you can look at HOW to make it work.
There’s an art in doing this right and when you do, you can create a niche model of service in your community where clients get more from you and you get more in return.
For business owners and clients, the house call practice model is a win-win. Clients get more face time and comprehensive care. Providers get to make more per appointment, spend less on overhead, have a significantly higher profit margin, and attract high-responding clients who gladly pay a premium, all to ultimately create a way to work less and make more.
So there you have it – big city, small town, and everything in between – house calls can work anywhere as long as you know what’s truly important.

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