Where Would I Start?

First identify the opportunity in front of you!

Starting is always the hardest part! Making the decision to build a house call business, or incorporate house calls into an existing business comes down to recognizing an opportunity. The opportunity to build more streams of revenue, work fewer hours and still make a good living, or have new freedom and flexibility in your life. The definition of opportunity is different for everyone.
So when health and wellness professionals consider a house call business, the first question that typically comes to mind is, “where do I start?”
The house call business model is gaining attention because it offers professionals a way to build a business with less start-up, less overhead, more time with clients, and more revenue. This offers instant curb appeal, and this model can be applied to any of these situations:
  •  You have your own business.
  • You work for someone and want to start your own business.
  • You’re a new grad and looking for the best way to start your career.
The key is knowing how to incorporate house calls effectively to your specific business situation and industry. This article will lay out the key ways to get started based on your specific situation.
If you don’t have time to read this full article, you can watch a white board workshop video where I walk you through how to build your own house call business, for free.

Situation 1: I have my own business.

Being a business owner gives you a great advantage to integrate house calls because you already have an existing patient base. So, first understand your motivation here. Typically, either you want to incorporate house calls as an additional service, or you are looking for a way to phase out of your current business. Knowing this will help you determine the best game plan for your desired results.
The key is to map out your business flow. Determine blocks of time for your office and for house calls to keep your scheduling efficient. That will create the framework for your availability, and be sure to communicate this new schedule to your current and new clients.
Next is to look at your systems. You need to determine your fee structure and policies for house calls, which should be different yet complimentary to what you have in-office. Remember, house calls are a different model of service. Also, you want to ensure you can integrate your client management systems while mobile. This includes accessing client documents, communicating with your office, and delegating administrative tasks specific to house calls to your front desk staff.
Then you’ll want to determine your marketing plan and have structures in place to promote house calls to both your current and new clients. This applies to your collateral (flyers, brochures, etc.), online marketing (website and social media), and marketing event structure and set-up. Create your key messaging for the new offering of house calls and a timeline to incorporate each of these messages into each marketing component.
Your investment in marketing house calls in your business will be minimal in comparison to the revenue you’ll receive from it. If done effectively, you can plan on as high as a 90% profit margin per house call appointment.
Now use this step-by-step guide to map out your goals and income potential with house calls. Having these strategies in place will help you integrate house calls into your current business seamlessly and with much success.

Situation 2: I work for someone else and want to start my own business.

If you’re looking to build your own house call business, first identify why the house call model is appealing for you. Typically health and wellness providers in this situation are craving more autonomy in how they business, more time with their clients, and, most importantly, a way to start a business without taking on a large debt. Knowing your motivation will fuel you to make the transition into business ownership.
First identify your core offerings. What services, techniques, etc., do you want to offer in your business? What types of clients do you want to work with? How do house calls resonate with your approach and your clients’ needs? Use these questions to clearly identify the vision for your house call business and a timeline for your business launch, because it’ll be the foundation for everything you create.
Marketing done right with house calls gives you a huge advantage in business. Your ability to stand out with house calls sparks your ideal client’s interest, and sets your word of mouth advertising on fire.
In a traditional setting, you have to compete with every person with a sign and a “special,” yet as a house call business you are most likely competing with no one.
You easily stand apart, and above the rest. You are different, you are unique, you have more value in the eyes of your prospective clients. When you say “I’m a house call _________,” it creates curiosity that draws clients to you, instead of seeing you as a dime of dozen and just passing buy.
Now let’s look at the numbers. House calls make great business sense when you consider that the average business spends thousands of dollars on start-up alone, then watches most of its profits go out the door for overhead. In contrast, a house call business can be started for a few thousands which include your specific industry tools, vehicle, car, phone, and initial marketing expenses. With less startup and overhead cost, you’ll have a greater ability to reach your goals quicker and become profitable faster.
So now that you have this financial peace of mind, start to break down the components for your house call business. You’ll need automation tools and virtual front desk systems to keep things running smoothly, with little effort.
Systems that require minimal hands-on effort allow you to haven “office” that is 100% mobile and independent of a front desk. You should have marketing strategies in place that generate leads both online and in person that communicate the unique value that house calls offer.
Working on these house call business elements will be a great starting point for those of you in this situation to get your initial frameworks and an action plan in place.

Situation 3: I’m a new grad.

The recommendations from Situation 2 apply here as well because you have the same goal of starting your own business. A key difference is the confidence and experience factor. New grads question if they need experience before launching their house call business. Fears of “I don’t know how ” or “how do I market this” loom in.
First, the fear of the unknown. You don’t have to fly solo and try to figure out a house call business yourself. There are resources to give you training, support, and the systems you need to do this successfully. Use the knowledge now available to you.
Next, the marketing. The value that house calls offer to clients will make your business instantly stand out. Plus you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a marketing budget. With low overhead, your house call model can be profitable with low volume, meaning less pressure and more growth.
For new grads, if starting a typical business or working in one doesn’t resonate with you, then build a business that’s based off of your vision and what you want.

Final Points

The house call business model offers flexibility and freedom. Whether you want to integrate house calls into your existing business or start your own house call business, this model can be easily molded into what you want to create in your business. It can also evolve over time, giving you flexibility to scale your business to the opportunity that exists and what you want to create.
This model offers freedom to health and wellness professionals to build the lifestyle you want, while providing top-notch service for clients. You can create a vision for your business that extends beyond four walls, allowing you to build a business in a way you never allowed yourself to think was possible. With house calls you can take your business anywhere, so why not get started!
If this sounds good to you, check out my FREE Whiteboard Workshop Video where I explain how to build your own House Call Business.