Can You Make a Living with House Calls?

YES, Here are 5 Reasons Why You Can Make a Living With House Calls!

After building a six-figure house call business working part-time, and helping others start their own, I still get the question; “Can you REALLY make a living with house calls?” Totally understandable, and the answer is YES!
In fact, one professional went from being a burned out associate to generating dozens of house call business in less than three months. And there are many more stories just like that.
After 7+ years of experience, I’ll outline exactly what makes house calls so sustainable and how you can start and grow your own house call business as quickly as you want.
The goal of this article is to empower you to take complete control over how you work, how much you work, how much you make, and how fast you grow your house call business.
If you don’t have time to read this full article, you can watch a whiteboard workshop video where I walk you through how to build your own house call business, for free.
As a health and wellness professional, your desire to care for those you work with is stronger than other professions. You often sacrifice your own schedule and income to provide the best care possible – and don’t always get the acknowledgement you deserve.
You understand the importance of the work you do, but also struggle to find the time, freedom, and income you need to support your family. It’s because of this unique balance that you are about to understand the words on this page better than anyone…and recognize the possibility it holds.
There are 5 factors listed below, that will allow you to make a living with house calls. (Plus, I’ll answer the question: “Will people really pay extra for house calls?)

#1. Your Ability to Stand-Out

Most health and wellness professionals put a sign out in front of their office and fight over the same drive-by traffic. This leaves them gasping in a world of oversaturation.
They go after every age range, location, family, athlete, desk jockey, and person they possibly can. This leaves them spread thin and not dominating in any one place.
Now, since most health and wellness professionals are busy chasing every single person with a need, it presents a very unique opportunity to savvy business owners.
In a traditional setting, you have to compete with every person with a sign and a “special,” yet as a house call business, you are most likely competing with no one.
You easily stand apart, and above the rest. You are different, you are unique, you have more value in the eyes of your prospective clients. When you say “I’m a house call _________,” it creates curiosity that draws clients to you, instead of seeing you as a dime of dozen and just passing by.
Your ability to stand out with house calls sparks their interest, and sets your word of mouth advertising on fire. This intangible is one of your most important assets to making house calls viable for you.

#2. Ability to Earn More & Work Less

Your earning potential is important, but HOW you make your money is even more valuable.
Because house calls are a premium service and provides a higher value, you charge more, and actually earn more and work less.
Whether starting-up or transitioning an existing business, house calls are ALL benefit, no risk. Here’s why: the start-up and overhead costs are extremely LOW. Less overhead means you KEEP more of your money.
For example, a chiropractor in Ohio came to me looking for a change.
He was working 11-hour days, 6 days a week for someone else. He was desperate and ready to leave his profession…it was THAT bad!
After making some small but significant shifts to his business model and marketing approach, he was making the same amount of money, working 6 hour days, 4 days a week.
Like you, his ability to earn a consistent living was created by offering a premium service (which was marketed well), while reducing his workload and earning income in an easier way.
I’ll walk you through the specific tweaks in a minute, and in the rest of this article, I’ll reveal exactly how you can use “house calls” to work less and make more.
Check out the difference with house calls:

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 4.08.28 PM


#3. Identify Your Favorite Clients & Dominate that Market

We all need clients to earn a living with house calls. The key is to identify who are your favorite clients, the ones you do your BEST work with…instead of casting a wide net.
Let’s say you love working with athletes. But, you spend your time and money advertising to “the masses” because after all “you can help everyone.” You end up spreading yourself thin, you never get into a flow with any one type of client, you’re working around the clock and you still feel unfulfilled.
When you create exclusivity around who you work with, your marketing is focused, your expenses are lower, your activities are focused, and your processes are streamlined. Plus, you end up with an all-star roster of clients that you LOVE.
What would a business full of your favorite clients look like? How would that feel? A client I work with loved taking care of motorcycle riders, going to events, treating on-site, etc. But she was pulled in a million directions because she also treated families, pregnant moms, babies…you name it. It was a marketing mess for her.
Once she made her decision to focus, everything fell into place. All her advertising dollars went to highly targeting places she knew riders visited online, watched, visited, and spent their time. Soon, everyone wanted Dr. M to make a pit stop for his or her body tune-up!
Finding the right clients and focusing on them will make your house call business thrive and grow as fast as you’d like. Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 4.09.31 PM

#4. Attract High Responder Clients Ready to Invest.

So far we’ve talked about you standing out from the crowd and focusing on your rockstar clients. Now I’m going to show you how to tap into clients that are ready to invest in a higher level of service and see your value.
 Knowing what your ideal client wants is key.
Personally, I’ve treated hundreds of clients, as have the business owners I work with, and there is one thing always stands out – health and wellness clients are demanding more. There is a major disconnect between the service they WANT and the care they are RECEIVING.
Just because other professionals are churning and burning through clients – instead of truly listening to their needs and providing a premium service – doesn’t mean that’s what you have to do.
Times have changed. Clients’ desires have evolved and they want more.
82% of clients want more face time with a professional like you. If you fill that need by making your house call appointments longer and/or more in-depth, clients are willing to pay a higher fee for more time with you.
91% say they wish their health and wellness provider could examine their home or office environments or other areas they spend time. If you travel to your client’s home or office and see how they interact with their environment, they are willing to invest more in your house call services.
95% of consumers report that they HATE waiting rooms and traffic for a short appointment. With house calls, there are no waiting rooms and they don’t have to fight traffic. When you make life easier and eliminate time wasters with house calls, clients are thrilled to pay more for the convenience.
As a house call business, when you easily stand out from your competition, you market to your ideal clients, offering these major advantages, you will attract the most eager and interested clients who are willing to invest – now.

#5. Eliminate Cost and Grow

Figuring out if you can earn a living with house calls can also be determined with some simple math. Reduce as much expense as possible so that you keep more of what you make.
When you start a house call business, these are all things you can ELIMINATE and instead save your money!
(You don’t need any of these with house calls):
´ an office space + lease
´ security deposit
´ contractor
´ office build-out
´ additional lawyer fees
´ real estate agent fees
´ permits
´ office furniture + artwork
´ office magazine subscriptions
´ office equipment
´ radiology suite (depending on industry)
´ insurance staff
´ front desk staff
´ payroll staff
´ office cleaning
´ office maintenance
´ office utilities
What you WILL need: A car, your portable equipment, a computer, and a phone.
Once you get rolling, here’s how you can control your growth:
You could focus on other geographic areas and expand your “ideal client types” and repeat the process all over again.
You could bring on other health and wellness professionals to work on your team, and even expand your services into other wellness areas.
You could also add additional blocks of time to see more clients. The freedom and flexibility is all yours.
Of course, you could just be super happy with a stead stream of repeat wellness clients that refer people just like them!
Some nay-sayers will spend their time poking holes in this proven house call model, trying to scare you with what-if’s, outlandish scenarios, and even suggest it’s not “viable” because you need an office…blah blah. It’s simply not true.
This is the ideal business model to fill your days with your favorite clients, offering a premium service you can be proud of, all while earning more, and working less because of it. House calls offer the perfect amount of freedom to work as little or as much as you want, with the flexibility to change anytime, and most importantly, take your business anywhere.

Sooo, will people actually pay more?

*YES, because of all the reasons above, clients WILL pay more for the value of house calls.
House calls offer a low start-up, low-overhead solution and it makes marketing sooooo much easier.
It’s for health and wellness professionals who want a different level of freedom and want to provide a completely different experience.

If this excites you to build your own house call business, click here to watch my FREE Whiteboard Workshop Video where I explain exactly how to do it.