Get to Know Dr. Jen Faber


Dr. Jen Faber is a House Call Entrepreneur and Mentor and is on a mission to give health and wellness professionals the freedom to take their business anywhere with house calls. She’s the author of “House Calls are Back” and host of the podcast - House Call Revolution.

Dr. Jen left convention years ago to escape the burnout and stress of a high volume practice. She was done feeling trapped by the typical path to building a business, so she broke free and figured out how to grow a six-figure practice with house calls that gave her more time, less stress, and the freedom she craved.

As a result, Dr. Jen has had the opportunity to treat Hollywood producers, Broadway stars, the Lady Gaga Tour, the Washington Ballet, MSNBC, The Washington Post, and National Geographic. After seven years of building the right systems and being sought-out for advice, Dr. Jen now consults health and wellness professionals on how to build their own successful house call business.